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My services


Conference interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive) at congresses, meetings, panel discussions, press conferences, and other public events

Negotiation interpreting (e.g., business negotiations, talks, meetings, factory tours, visits to foreign cities)

Specialized translations

Translation of various types of texts, such as commercial correspondence, contracts of any kind, product and marketing information, scientific articles, website localization, and many others

Certified translations of documents (reports, certificates, references, deeds, etc.)

Proofreading and editing

Proofreading and editing of translations you have made in-house or outsourced.

Specialty subjects

Medicine and pharmaceuticals, nutrition, the environment, energy industry, business administration and commercial law, as well as politics


With freelance colleagues in a network. Working in this manner allows me to advise and also mediate services dealing with other language combinations and subjects

Any questions?

I would be pleased to advise you in greater detail so that together we can find the best solution for your individual needs. Of course I can also provide you with a price quote for your request with no obligations.